I’ve spent some money for an experiment, so you don’t have to!

So I had this quite good song. I gathered some opinions from my “target” (people who are listening the artists I consider sounding similar to me – those who inspire me a lot).
The opinions were good. Now, I should explain that I don’t bother about different musicians’ opinion too much as 99% of them just like and create something completely different than me.
That’s one of the reasons I abandoned getting and writing reviews on forum for songwiters.



So I decided to try feature.fm as they were supposed to provide some useful data.

The data analysis I received from them looks like this:
-everybody listens to the whole song,
-there are no ‘skips’
-there is no interaction at all.

In fact it looks like… nobody listens.

If you want to spend 50$ on 1300 soundcloud plays, which are apparently ’empty’ plays (without any interaction, without providing you any useful data), you can do this.
I just suppose you can buy false plays at least 10 times cheaper. And there will be no difference for you at all (except you spend 10 times less).
But if you want some data analysis tool. I have to disappoint you.

The strange thing is also, you can’t buy a week campaing for 10$ just to try. You can only buy campaign for 50$ or a campaing where you pay 10$ every week until you stop it.
But what if you will have problems with login or you forget your password? You may be unable to stop it then. They probably just hope that you will forget and notice when it will be too late. Actually I’m 100% sure they just hope you will forget about stopping the campaign on time.

Oh, and one more thing, before I forget: Once you send them money, there is no contact with them (don’t try to write an e-mail – it’s pointless).